Services - Revision

Build a quality image with faultless English

If you aim to produce top-quality translations, then it is essential to have your English documents revised. By comparing the original copy with the translation, you avoid mistranslations, your terminology is coherent, and the suitability of style and register is examined closely. Naturally, spelling and grammar are also corrected where necessary.

It is common in business circles to ask colleagues to revise your copy. Often writing it will have involved a creative process and it takes time to get it right. So you really need to have feedback from another person. Yet, many translations are not revised despite the same creative approach. It is always to your advantage to have your translations revised.

Good translators also work with revisers.

Miranda Joubioux revises translated documents for her translator colleagues, but also offers her clients a revision service, to ensure the superior quality of the resulting product. Ideas can be explored and developed by working together. This helps the final copy to hit home.