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The work of a translator is to convey words and ideas in a foreign language without the translation being visible and to find appropriate expressions for the culture they are intended for that are also adapted to your audience.

You have drawn up your company's communication documents: sales catalogues, brochures and promotional presentations, press kits, press releases, advertising, specifications, technical data, and so on.

You now need a translator to translate them, but you would like them to have an understanding of the workings of your company and get involved in your marketing approach, because you feel it is important that your communication tools (paper, Internet site, social media) reflect your company and are adapted to your sector and your target audience, with a view to better sales, exports or simply to reach out to the audience that keeps your company in business.

Choose a professional translator!

You enjoy having one contact only: Miranda Joubioux. She will quickly tell you when she is available, how much your translation will cost, how long it will take to deliver. She will also ask you about your business sector and for any details that might be relevant to translating in the best possible conditions, so that she has a full understanding of your intentions.

All your translations will be revised to ensure they meet up to the quality you would expect.

To maintain coherence in your communications, she systematcially gathers together documentation and glossaries within the areas she specialises in, while continuing to stay informed in these to have in-depth knowledge of these specialisms.