Specialization - Tourism

Miranda Joubioux has translated for the tourist industry since she started her career as a translator.
She has translated a great many websites focussing on travel, accommodation, wellness, and tourist resorts, particularly in Brittany, where she lives, but also throughout France. Among her many translations you will find hotels, bed & breakfasts, websites on Brittany and locations in this region, the Mont Saint Michel, the Côtes d'Armor, tourist towns such as Brest, establishments such as aquariums, etc.

These brochures and websites often provide a great deal of information about the natural and historical heritage of the regions in question. Her experience in the field of architecture has been particularly useful in translating documents treating the history of specific regions.

I addition to this, she has worked on eco-tourism, leisure activities such as kayaking,seaside study trips, hiking paths, cycle trails, etc.

She adapts her style to the copy, whether it is editorial, marketing or creative.