Portfolio - Interpreting

Colloque sur coléoptères saproxyliques

Symposium and workshops on the conservation of saproxilic beetles.
Simultaneous interpretation of entomologist's presentations in a booth. Consecutive interpreting during a field observation trip.

Nautical industry and sailing

Volvo Ocean Race

Assisted an interpreter and colleague during the Volvo Ocean Race. Simultaneous conference interpretation in a booth.


General Meeting
Simultaneous interpretation of speeches and discussions between skippers and English participants.


La SAUR - Interprétation consécutive

Consecutive interpretation during a visit of the new technical installations of the SAUR (Syndicat des eaux et de l'assainissement - water board) in Vannes. English-speaking visitors from the Middle-East, Africa and Armenia.

Colloque Marine Energy Brest

Interpretation at the Marine Renewable Energy colloquium in Brest. Presentations of various sectors linked to marine renewable energy and interpreting of questions and answers.



Simulataneous interpretation during the MARCOPOL conference in Brest.