Network of translators

Miranda Joubioux has joined in the activities of many local, national and even international networks throughout her career, with the intention of remaining abreast of what is happening in the translation industry and keeping in touch with a large number of translators with a variety of skills.

Heading the list of networks she is a member of is the Société française des traducteurs (SFT), which holds regular meetings in the greater west of France.

She has also enjoyed training sessions with the SFT:
- Be a better English translator of ads and business texts.
- La boîte à outils du terminologue : pourquoi, comment ? (The terminologist's toolbox: why, how?)
- "Translate in Chantilly", where she learnt to analyse and solve problems specific to creative writing,
to analyse translations that lack something, to examine questions of content and form.

By being present in the world of physical and virtual networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, she has met other translators, with whom she now works, enabling her to expand her offer.

She can help you with your translation requests to other languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, etc. So please feel free to ask her for other language combinations if such is your requirement.

Lastly, in her aim for irreproachable quality, she often calls on English-speaking colleagues with skills in a variety of specialisms to revise, proof read or simply read through her own work.
Société française des traducteurs