I would like a quote. What do I do?

I suggest you use the contact form on all the pages of this website and if you have a specific request, please feel free to call me.

How do I send you a large graphic file for a quote?

Please ring me and we can check together if you need to send me a large file for a quote.

If necessary, you can always use a website such as www.wetransfer.com or www.hightail.com.

What file formats can you handle?

As with most translation companies, ART4U works for the most part on files using the Professional version of Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher).

However, it can also handle Adobe InDesign (.idml) and Framemaker files, not to mention .xml, .html, .psp., .php, and other web formats.

You can ask for a quote from a PDF files, but since this is a portable document format, this often renders it unusable. ART4U can extract a PDF file to convert it to a Word format, but this often results in formatting problems that are difficult to resolve, and it is often much simpler just to provide the original document.

As a general rule, ART4U will ask you for the original file.

Can I send you a paper document?

Occasionally, you may need to have a paper document translated.

For a quick response, it is best to scan this document and send it by email. If you do not have a scanner, you can send it by post, but this will take some time.

If it is a hand-written document, the document will or will not be accepted depending on its legibility and you will be told rapidly either way.

I will be visiting France for business and organising meetings. Can you provide assistance?

Yes. Since I worked for a long time in France before setting up my own company, I am used to discussing business with French businessmen and women. I can sit in on meetings, phone calls or join you on your business trips, intervening only when you need a helping hand.

I would like to transcribe the script of a film. Can you assist?

Yes. If you send me the video, I can transcribe it.

I can also help you find a translator to translate it into French if that is your intention.