Services - Proofreading and editing

Flowing language

Unlike the revision process, the proofing and editing of a document in English, whether it is written by you in-house, by non-native English speakers or by a translator, is carried out on a monolingual document. The aim ist concentrate on readability, how the text flows, and whether it is fit for purpose.

Why should you think of using an editor? In this globalized world, many documents are written by non-native speakers directly in English. They lack that idiomatic feel you get from document written by a native English-speaker. Sometimes they are written by someone who is not used to writing at all. Occasionally, they are drafted without considering important questions related to your house style.
This is when you should think of using an editor.

Miranda Joubioux can adapt to all these situations, while taking your remarks and house style into consideration. It is essential in these circumstances to talk about your editing project and come to an agreement on how to proceed with it together.
She is always happy to help.