Services - Revision

Enhance your professional reputation with flawless English.

For top-notch translations, it is crucial to have your English documents reviewed. By comparing the original text with the translation, you avoid mistranslations, ensure consistency in terminology, and verify style and tone appropriateness. And of course, spelling and grammar are corrected at the same time.

It is common in business circles to ask colleagues to revise your copy, given the time invested in the creative process. And this feedback is important to identify the right style of language for your audience and to pick up on small errors that can detract from the quality of your work. Similarly, translations benefit greatly from thorough revision.

Good translators work with revisers.

Miranda Joubioux not only revises documents for fellow translators but also provides clients with a revision service, ensuring superior quality. Through the collaborative process, you can explore and develop ideas. This helps your copy hit home.