Services - Interpreting

Are you in charge of organising a teleconference with English speakers for a French audience, or French-speakers for an English audience?

Would you like to have an interpreter to help you communicate some of the finer details of your presentation at a trade show to French-speaking colleagues or your future clients?

Would you like to set up stand at a trade show in France?

Do your organise company visits for French-speaking delegations?

Are you organising a conference with English-speaking contributors and a French-speaking audience, or vice versa?

Do you regularly need to make phone calls or organise phone meetings in which the speakers switch from French to English all the time?

Would you like an interpreter for a short duration to help you organise and event or a trade show?

You can trust Miranda Joubioux with your interpreting projects. She has a perfect command of the French language and can easily interpret from French to English, her mother tongue, or from English to French, if necessary. She also works with a group of interpreters and can help you find the person you need.

She can assist you in different ways: simultaneous interpreting for conferences, consecutive interpreting for meetings or company visits, or in any situation allowing her to work in this way.