Services - Subtitling

Videos online for added impact

Adding English subtitles to French films is now strategic for French businesses. Through corporate videos, advertising and promotional videos, event-related videos, training videos, tutorials and demos they can reach out to a new international English-speaking public and improve their SEO. 

Many companies have professional profiles on You Tube and/or Daily Motion, where they broadcast their films on the Internet. They can be used in-house via an extranet to inform or train workers abroad. They can also be destined for the general public with the goal of promoting a brand or business.

There are several stages in subtitling. Some companies like to have the dialogue in French transcribed and then translated into English, using their own video specialists to burn the subtitles. However, this method does not take into account the need to adapt the dialogue to the time slots available to make the subtitle readable on screen. 

A subtitler will work with 'times codes' doing their best to translate only the essential, to make the subtitles easily legible and understood on screen.

Miranda Joubioux can simplify this procedure. Please feel free to ask her how she works and the kind of files she can produce. She will be happy to answer your questions.

Translation and adaptation for the voice over, in addition to the subtitling of the skippers voices.
The Vendée Globe - A world of Emotions (52-minute video), réalisé par Nefertiti Production.
Subtitling in English of the Circle U Masterclass in History with Michelle Perrot - Université Paris Cité - January 2023