Miranda Joubioux

Miranda is Irish and has a Master's degree in Linguistics. 27 years ago, she joined the translation profession, translating from French to English. After some time working as a translator and project manager in French companies, she created ART4U in 2004, which offers a range of customised services focussing on communication in the English language and frequently the translation of websites.

What are her strengths as a translator?
She speaks perfect French, is professional, responds quickly, has lots of expertise, energy, and enjoys collaborating with a large network of translators. 


Translations for the permanent exhibition at Ostréapolis, the Tour du Parc (near Vannes, Morbihan) interpretive centre all about oysters.
- videos
- booklets
- signposts
- screens
- labels
- game
- wall information

We Are Pilots

Translation of the content for We Are Pilots, experienced drone pilots producing photo and video content for social media.

Translation of the content for the completely redesigned

Vendée Globe 2020-2021

The translation and adaptation for the voice over and subtitling of the skippers voices for weekly recaps and regular subtitling of daily highlights throughout the Vendée Globe 2020-2021. These videos were produced by Nefertiti Production for the Vendée GlobeTV and were also available on the official Vendée Globe website.

Translation of La Suprise Sailing, an internet site promoting high-end cruises to offbeat destinations.

Armorique Regional Natural Park

Translation of the Armorique Geopark Action Plan and various appendixes, totalling over 100 pages, for the Armorique Regional Natural Park's application for the UNESCO Global Geopark label.